Family Hotel


Our hotel is a home: our home!

Because their well-being and comfort is our main concern,

We want exactly the same for your furry friend as we want for our doggie.

So, we found a solution that is cage-free, where no boxes or confinements are needed

And what could be more perfect than our homes?

With a sofa, a bed, and a lot of comfort, love and affection so that your doggie feels your absence as little as possible.

The family hotel of Mestre Patas is exactly this.

We have created:

  • a network of hosting families – (Mestre Patas’ employees included) willing to host your buddy for the night and weekends (and public holidays);
  • a descriptional catalogue of the hosting families – so that you get to know who is going to take in your furry friend, as well as the features and characteristics of the home and hosting family;

This way you can be the one to choose who you want your four legged friend to be sharing the couch with!

Our family hotel has a further advantage: your furry friend can enjoy our daycare during his boarding, and we assure his transportation to and from the daycare, at no extra cost!

We’ll be glad to clarify any questions you may have.

And, of course, the first visit (at your place or in our daycare, so that we get to know your four legged friend, all his habits and preferences) is offered by us!