Dog Sitting


 We take care of all of your non-human friends in your own home! 

In our dog sitting program, we spend some good quality time with your doggie in the comfort of your home!

So, in case your doggie cannot attend our daycare (because he doesn’t like to leave his comfort zone, he’s not social with other dogs, or he simply requires special care) and still needs lots of attention and affection in the absence of the owners, Mestre Patas dog sitting is the solution!

In your absence we guarantee that your doggie has:

  • his meals at the usual time;
  • fresh, clean water;
  • a walk at the usual time and place;
  • and, of course, lots of playtime, affection and attention.

And, naturally, all that you tell us is necessary (administering medicines, confection of specific foods, brushing, or a visit to the vet, bath or haircut).

We also have the pleasure to watch out for the well-being of the other habitants at home (cats, birds, fish or rodents) and take care of your home in your absence (take in the mail, water plants, etc).

And because we also have the humans in mind, our dog sitting service includes a “missing-you” photo, as well as a report for you about our visit!

so that we can create a pack for you!

The first visit (so that we can get to know your doggie and all his habits) is offered by Mestre Patas!