We want to make them happy!

Because socialisation, as well as regular physical and mental activities, is essential for the balance and well being of our furry friends.

And prolonged isolation – in addition to leaving them deeply sad – is very often the cause of “mischief”, unwanted “presents” and “bad temper” of our doggies!!

That is why Mestre Patas' daycare was born!

Mestre Patas' daycare is the solution for not leaving your furry friend home alone!

Now you can give your doggie a full day of activities, playtime, training, exercise and stimulation – and, of course, a lot of attention and care,

This way, at the end of the day, your doggie is happy and ready for enjoying a relaxing night on the couch with you!




We are located in the centre of Lisbon and open between 09:30h and 19:00h on business days. Entries and exits hours are flexible and the daycare be frequented on separate days or on an agreed regular basis.




And if you can't bring your doggie, don't worry: we have prepared a special dog taxi, so we pick up your furry friend in the mornings and drop him off in the afternoon!






As we want the best for your friend, Mestre Patas daycare has:

  • A team of professionals with specific education – particularly in canine behaviour, training and learning;
  • Various areas (interior and exterior) – that allow for dividing groups, keeping in mind personalities, ages, sizes, activities or specific training, alimentation or resting requirements;
  • Total freedom in our facilities – no leashes, for perfect communication and socialisation;
  • Diverse activities – outdoor walks, obedience training, agility, mental stimulation playtime, among others;
  • Full-time supervision;
  • Personalised monitoring – day-to-day control and management (visits to the vet, vaccines, deworming, bathing, etc.);
  • Daily interaction with the owners – receiving a video or photo daily of your loved one so that you feel closer and accompany the mischief of your furry friend.

And so that we can guarantee the safety, health and well-being of all, it is essential that your doggie:

  • Is behaviourally evaluated by us before starting attendance in the daycare (among other things, your doggie needs to be comfortable around other dogs);
  • Has all vaccines up-to-date (including kennel cough), as well as internal and external deworming;
  • Is castrated / neutered (except for teenager classes and/or if by veterinary recommendation).

We’ll be glad to clarify all of your doubts.

And of course, the first visit (at your home or at our daycare, so we can get to know your doggie, his habits and preferences) is offered by Mestre Patas!

In case your doggie doesn’t meet some of the requirements to attend our dog daycare, don’t worry!

We’ve created our dog sitting and dog walking services for you.