Accreditations and Partnerships



Though our services do not have a specific legal framework, we insisted on being inspected and authorized by the General Direction of Food and Veterinary - Direcção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV), who has accredited us according to the existent legal framework ( PT 3 048 FL).





We have a partnership with the Veterinary Center Tantas Patas, assuring that our furry friends always have medical support.

The Center is literally two doors away and they also offer grooming services!



 We know that everybody loves to have incredible photos of the family!

That is why we also have a partnership with  Le Terrier Studio. An awesome and super professional team, that will make your dog a star! Mestre Patas' clients have 15% discount!




With Focus Performance we are preparing a project dedicated to the Assisted Therapies with Animals! Soon!